Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Just a lovely little thing I read.

One of the best parts about studying what I'm studying is that just when I think I can't read anymore, something lovely pops up out of the blue. I think I'll start posting these snippets whenever I come across them. (Also, what do you know, this particular quotation talks about food! This was bound to happen.)

"The urgency of the times calls for a return to a great simplicity that would permit us to look upon life that surrounds us with all its beauty and ugliness, with all its comedy and tragedy, in all its sweetness and bitterness as having potential for global change.

"This spirituality is like the wholesome food found in the home, that simple food that one relishes so much because it does us immense good. It is the spirituality of being attentive to the other, of mutual support, of sharing of joys and sorrows, of sharing of problems and search for solutions. At the moment these little things are important until the so-called 'big things' come our way."

-Ivone Gebara, "A Cry for Life from Latin America"

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