Friday, April 1, 2011

Time to bring it.

I love bread. I love butter. I love yogurt and granola, salad and pizza, bacon and eggs and toast (yes, I know toast is bread). 

Put simply, I love food.

But most of all, I love making food--for myself, for friends, coworkers, strangers. Food makes people happy, and cooking makes me happy. So, despite the barrage of culinary-themed blogs out there, I'm going to give this a shot and write about what I love. If nothing else, I hope it helps me remember what I've made, what's delicious, what's not-so-delicious, and what deserves a second try.

I'll probably focus mostly on baking, because it's what I do best and what I like eating the most. My waistline can only handle so much butter and sugar, though, so I'll attempt to make the most healthful versions of food that I can without sacrificing flavor or texture. Because let's be honest, the only thing better than eating is eating something you can feel good about!

I hope you enjoy what I bring to the table.


  1. Sarah I had no idea all those posts were YOUR blog. I finally thought Wow, she really likes this one blog and so I checked it out and it is so awesome!! I love reading all of your recipes and I think I am going cook vicariously through you now!! FUNFUNFUN!! Love you, Kelly

  2. Hahaha! Too funny, Kelly. Glad you like it and someone besides me is reading it! :)